I’ve decided to finally reactivate zancarius.com as a canonical alias to my new domain, zancari.us. I haven’t completely decided what all I’m going to stick here since most of my technical writings and other things of interest appear on my other blog. I suspect some of my more humorous nonsense and game-related griping will appear here, although the one caveat is that I don’t play games that frequently these days.

Oh well.

I do think the separation of purpose will be of some use. Mostly, I’ve designed the layout for this blog to be highly focused on textual content with a large usable canvas for images and other media. I haven’t completely finished the design, but I think it’s going to be fantastic for some of the content I’ve been planning to write. I’ll also be reactivating some of my old writings and poetry that have since disappeared as a consequence of previous domain shuffling along with other odds and ends as time allows. Essentially, I think this will do me some good as an additional creative outlet since I won’t feel quite as much pressure as I do on my “main” blog which I’ve tried to curate as a technical resource rather than an artistic repository. Of course, I haven’t any reason to brag about anything in particular: The quality of my writing has diminished over the years, much to my own dismay, and I don’t feel that writing almost exclusively about technical issues has been all that much help. This blog is in part a suitable exercise to correcting such shortcomings.

More importantly, some of the articles that have appeared over there don’t exactly fit with the purpose of the blog. I think those articles with more comical leanings will do better here.

Also, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to disallow comments on this blog. I know, I know. Much of the work I’ve done has been on software to help communities grow, and many of the things I have planned and in the works are highly community-oriented. Believe me, I also feel for those of you who feel the need to comment on everything. Unfortunately, I’ve decided that this site is going to be my soapbox. If something really rustles your jimmies there are plenty of free platforms you can use to start a blog in response to me. It’s harsh, but because the effort necessary to start up a blog is substantially higher than writing a short and very terse reply, the overall quality of material you and I will help build will likewise increase.

So, here it is. My first entry will be due sometime tonight or tomorrow with a few installments coming shortly thereafter. Community sites that I’ve linked to my main blog will likely be pointed to this one instead to serve as a filter.